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Get Your Shop On!

There’s enough going on during the holidays.  Fretting over what to get for everyone on your list shouldn’t have to be an issue!  Check out our Hip Rubber Ducky for your bumbling, baby nephew.  And your ultra-hip best friend will surely love our Mona Lisa Clock.  How about a comforting candle for your mom, who never ceases to amaze!  Our cute bird whisk and grater will be a hit with your aunt who never seems to leave the kitchen.  The little sister who always steals your jewelry should at least have a proper place to display it.   Your boyfriend will love our three-piece wine set!  And for the cousin, who always shows up in the kookiest holiday sweaters, try our Jesus salt and pepper grinder!

Now that your shopping is done, maybe you can sit back and enoy a hot toddy or two!

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