Dreaming in Hazy Shades of Blush

Soft shades of white, cream and pastels.  Diaphanous, dreamy fabrics.  Romantic, effortless style.

Yes, all of us at Zzoit are very excited for the Spring!  In the meantime we are satisfying our craving for all things pretty and fresh with these images.


6 responses to “Dreaming in Hazy Shades of Blush

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of white, but this has totally changed my thoughts on how I feel about it.

    Lovely photos! Have a nice weekend.


  2. I love the design and the dress looks so good..i love white dresses…I feel like a Grecian princess


  3. gorgeous!! so pretty!


  4. we just got a bunch of snow so i think spring is awhile off. but i love the ethereal feeling off all these images!

  5. And the time for beautiful colors are out!

  6. love the colors/lighting in these photos!

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